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Worner/Warner Family

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  • Started 8 years ago by mwarner

  1. mwarner

    1790 census lists Reubin Worner in Spartanburg with 1 male child under 16, 1 male child over 16, and 3 females. I would love to learn more about this family. My ancestor was John Thomas Worner, born 1786-1800 in South Carolina, per family belief; I'd love to know if he might be the son under 16 in Reubin Worner's family. John Thomas Worner died in Winn Parish, Louisiana, in 1879. His son was David James Worner, who fought in the Mexican War. After his death, his widow applied for his war pension. When the first check arrived, the US government had changed the name from Worner to Warner. Her half of the family took the Warner spelling from then on, while descendants of his siblings still use the Worner spelling in Louisiana (Winn Parish and Columbia Parish areas). Any info on Worners in 18th century or early 19th century South Carolia would be greatly appreciated! My email is:

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