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Was Bel Air hospital in Bordeaux, McCormick?

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  1. annie

    This is a long shot I know, but I have just received the death certificate for my grandfather, DAVID ROBERT BAXTER which states that he died in Hospital Bel Air, Bordeaux on 17th June 1924. He was a seaman & died after falling on board ship.
    I have looked in vain for this hospital in Bordeaux, France - but on looking on Ancestry one of the hints they give is from an Ancestry family tree which gives the name David Robert Baxter, died 17th June 1924 Bordeaux, McCormick, South Carolina, United States.
    Surely this is too much of a co-incidence for it NOT to be my grandfather isn't it?
    Unfortunately I don't have a subscription to Ancestry so cannot see any other info or contact the tree owner.
    Does anyone know whether Hospital Bel Air is or was in this Bordeaux? and if it is, any idea what cemetery he would be buried in?
    Any help appreciated

    Posted 7 years ago #
  2. annie

    Sorry, I now think the address in Ancestry is wrong - apparently one of ancetry's quirks is to add meaningless info to entries in trees :-(

    Posted 7 years ago #

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