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The silence has been too long

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  • Started 8 years ago by mbolton5804

  1. mbolton5804

    The silence has been too long and we can no longer sit back and take the injustice that has been placed upon us. I will make this as sweet and to the point as I can. In February 2008 a public auction was held at the estate of my sister's house who was legally married to Robert Herring, aka (murderer of women and children). The proceeds from the auction at the very least which totalled approximately $50,000.00 should of been split equally into the estate accounts. My family spent approximately $20,000.00 to buy back Alecia and her children's belongings. After the auction we were informed that all the money -$300.00 had been placed into Robert the murderer's account. Ok, the family deals with that and attempts to file a wrongful death lawsuit so the money would be frozen. Well forget that there is approximately $5,000.00 left and it has all been given to the murderer's side of the family. From attorney fees, funeral expenses, and even back child support it was all paid the murderer's side. Last time I checked his children still had a mother perfectly capable of working and providing for his children, while Alecia's children try to go on with their lives without their mother and sister. Yes even the murderer's funeral expenses have been reimbursed down to his stinking tombstone (like he even deserved to be acknowledged). All claims were paid on that side, oh yeah except for one from the victim herself. A claim for approximately $8,000.00 to try and recover money from the auction for things that were sold that were Alecia's a long time before the murderer came into her life. By the way that claim was put to the back until there was not enough money to pay it. Now here it is almost two years later and not one claim has been able to be paid on the victims side, no funeral expenses, attorney fees, and no money for her children. Certain counties and people make us sick. The corruption in SC continues starting at the top from the cheating governor all the way down. Alecia and Jade were not only victims of murder at the hands of Robert Herring but are victims of a corrupt judicial system every single day. This is about principle, what is right and wrong, does anyone even care about that anymore. Two people paid the ultimate price at the hands of this murderer, and what has happened to them since is like they are murdered over and over again. Compassion does not exist in certain areas of SC, we have experienced it first hand. This is so hurtful to the family, whom still to this day can find no closure because of the way they have been treated since the deaths of their loved ones Alecia Arangilan and Jade Arangilan. We miss you and we know that you are always with us. ...LOVE NEVER DIES...This man not only took away a good mother to her four children, a good sister to her many siblings, and a good daughter to her mother and father, he stole the life away from an innocent child to not grow up like everyone else, to not experience love like so many of us, to not be a blessing as she was to her wonderful brother two sisters and her grandparents and father and all of her aunts and uncles and cousins and many many friends. Alecia was a beautiful caring woman and Jade was a beautiful vibrant wonderful young lady. The travisty in South Carolina is corruption and prejudice not not only against women and children but to race. South Carolina has a "good ole boy" persona that comes from the "core" of their government and especially the residing judge of Edgefield County. I am appalled at this in these our United States of America except South Carolina.

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