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Opening the Forum

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  • Started 10 years ago by admin

  1. I'm pleased to cut the virtual ribbon on the opening of the new South Carolina Genealogy Forum, you will find a "room" here to post South Carolina Genealogy Queries and I hope this will be of good use.

    By the way, I've got a fairly lean install at this point I will likely be adding some plugins to make things a bit fancier as time goes on here. (Though I may just wait and see if there are any features I feel like are needed first...)

    Logins should be the same as the blog... i.e. if you've registered in the blog you should be able to log in here, if you've registered here you should be able to log in on the blog. (I haven't tested firsthand, just setup the plugins the way it SHOULD work.) I know many of you may just have an account for one or the other though which is fine.

    So far, I've been impressed by the snappiness of the forum software (light and quick.) When the North Carolina Genealogy site get's to migrate to another server I plan on setting up a similar forum there.


    Posted 10 years ago #

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