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Josiah B.Gillam

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  1. D Gillam

    Looking for info on Josiah B. Gillam who was born approx. 1841 and died around 1910.

    Posted 8 years ago #
  2. Barbara

    Josiah Brabham Gillam was one of my husband's great great grandfathers. His son was James Edward Gillam (called papoo by my husband). We don't know if he (James) had any siblings. James had quite a few children, Myrtle Blanche Gillam was one of James daughters and she married Lide Benjamin Stoudenmire from Orangeburg, SC. They had two sons and Lide deserted them when the boys were very young (elementary school). Hinton Arthur Stoudemire (the family took the n out of the last name) was the oldest and was the father on my husband -Norman Arthur Stoudemire. Hinton's younger brother Joe was killed in the war. Norman and I live in Beech Island, SC. If we can help answer any questions you can e-mail us at

    Posted 7 years ago #

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