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Jonathan Thomas

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  1. gthomas

    Need info on Johnathan Thomas born 1787. Married Nancy Unknown. Migrated to Georgia then to Grundy Co. Tennessee. All leads appreciated.

    Posted 9 years ago #
  2. gwthom

    Mr./Ms Thomas I am interested in the Thomas ancestry also as my gggrandfather was William Thomas b abt. 1814 location unknown for sure either Va, Tn, SC or Ga. most likely. I believe he was married in Chambers Co. Ala. Feb. 1 1838 to Mary A Crawford. I have the following census information but very little else. William Thomas:
    1850 census, Pontotoc County, Mississippi, enumerated 2 Nov 1850 by Andrew J. Clark, p. 170B 1554/1554 and 172 1553/1553:
    Thomas, William, 26, M, farmer, South Carolina
    , Nancy , 23, F, wife, Alabama
    , Marion, 10, M, son, Alabama, In school
    , Andrew, 8, M, son, Alabama, In school
    , Jane, 6, F, dau., Alabama
    , Harriet, 5, F, dau., Alabama
    , William, 4, M, son, Alabama
    , Nancy, 3, F, dau., Alabama
    , George, 1, M, son, Mississippi
    1860 census, St. Francis County, Arkansas, Telico Twp., enumerated 27 jul1860 by Welford Gooly, p. 409-410, 159/159:
    Thomas, William, 46, M, Tennessee, Farmer, 240/200
    , Mary A., 35, F, Alabama
    , Marion P., 17, M, Alabama, com. laborer, school
    , Andrew F., 17, M, Alabama, com. laborer, school
    , Eliza J., 15, F, Mississippi
    , Harriet, 13, F, Mississippi
    , William C., 11, M, Mississippi
    , George W., 8, M, Mississippi
    , Fannie Ann, 6, F, Mississippi
    , Benjamin F., 4, M, Mississippi
    , Mary, 3, F, Arkansas
    , John H., 1, M, Arkansas
    On 2 April 1860, William Thomas purchased 80 Acres in St. Francis (laterCross) County, Arkansas: W1/2SE, Sec 22, Twp7-N, Range 3-E, Helena LandOffice.
    The ages of the persons don't quiet add up but for the names to all be almost listed as the same is to much to be coincidental.
    Do you have a list of children for your Jonathan Thomas. I will appriciate any information you may have.
    Thanks Gale Thomas

    Posted 9 years ago #

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