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  1. carey

    looking for information on
    Thomas Hutto b 1899 married a Tilly SaKal??

    Posted 10 years ago #
  2. Just browsing the census records at Heritage Quest for 1900 and it seems as though I've found a possible match. (By the way Willow Creek Township seems to be the place to look for the Hutto family in Orangeburg County, lot's of households with that surname.)

    I did find one in particular that may be a match for Thomas and parents though. (Series: T623 Roll: 1538 Page: 289)

    Hutto, ? D (first initial could be an F or T, the transcription just has D as the initial.) age 33, b. Nov 1866 married 14 years
    Pollie - wife 33 years, b. March 1867 (7 children)
    Lizzie P 11 years b. May 1889
    Elizabeth (?) 9 years b. 1891
    Ethel 6 years b. 1894
    Ida? 5 years b. 1895
    Minerva? 3 years b. 1897
    Thomas year b. Jan 1899

    All list birthplace as SC and parents birthplace as SC.

    (Occupation: Farmer)

    I think I found them again in 1910 although it's very hard to read...

    Series: T624 Roll: 1470 Page: 283

    Hutto, Thomas Sr. *?* 43 or 46 hard to read
    wifes name hard to read - age appears to be 23 - has had 2 children
    Daughter - Minerva (?) age 12 years
    Thomas - son 10 years
    Newton? son - 5 years
    daughter ??? - 4 years

    Sorry the copy is very difficult in this page - I wouldn't think it was a match but for the two children age 12 and 10 that seem to match - the name Thomas I'm very confident of, in both transcriptions I'm guessing Minerva - the name seems to start with a M... and end in va - so I guess Melva is a possibility you'd probably want to look for the original pages I've listed above to interpret the "chicken scratches" yourself though.

    Another note I do see someone that I think is the same Thomas D. Hutto in 1920 (Hutto, Tom D. is how he's listed which seems consistent with the previous years - also the age correlates, but there is no younger Thomas around in 1920.)

    Just a quick search didn't turn up much on the Sakal family, do you know where or when they married?

    I hope that helps.

    Good luck,


    Posted 10 years ago #
  3. carey

    thanks for this information :) you mentioned a Thomas in the 1820's?? Thomas D.'s Father's name was Thomas S Hutto abt 1823-25 and married Julia Ann Carson could you research them for me i think that might be him in the census you reply to on Thomas D

    I'm missing a name of 1 of their Children they had 12 i know of a 11 anything you can find on them would be very greatful to me and my family

    thanks for your help!!!!

    Posted 10 years ago #
  4. Sorry, that 1820 was a typo, it should read 1920. I'll try to correct that.


    Posted 10 years ago #

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