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Directory Structure

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  • Started 9 years ago by admin

  1. My idea for the directory structure has been a bit difficult to capture in just a few words. First I want two of the main categories to be just general genealogy and history resources. I'm hoping this will be the kind of links that ANYONE researching genealogy will be interested in because, odds are, you are not just researching South Carolina Genealogy. The third of the main category is for South Carolina related sites. These may be genealogy related, but not necessarily. One of the sites I've started with is the State Government site, I think anything that's South Carolina related will be on topic there, with obvious restrictions on objectionable content.

    I've opened a forum here for directory category suggestions. I certainly have not finished the structure of the index, I have a lot more categories to add (SC Counties for instance?)

    It's also possible to submit sites to multiple categories and it is possible to suggest a site that is not your own, so if you don't see a link that you think SHOULD be there, even if it's not your site, let me know.



    Posted 9 years ago #

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