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Chewning--Carrie L and Lizzie V

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  • Started 5 years ago by carrie

  1. carrie

    Looking for information on the sisters Carrie L and Lizzie V Chewning.
    Jas D Chewnin Married Elizabeth---From Santee, Clarendon co.
    They had Robert (abt 1866) and Jedron (abt 1868)

    Robert Chewning married Cathrine Browder---Both were from Clarendon co.

    They had Carrie(abt 1888) Lizzie (abt 1890) and James (abt 1895)

    It is said that both the girls came from a local Indian reservation and best I have been able to find out, Lizzie's family says she was born in Williamsburg Co., Sc. Carrie is my Great-Great grandmother and she was also born in SC but many in the family think she is from greenville. I'm more inclined to believe Greeleyville, since it is in Williamsburg Co., Sc. My grandmother, now 87, remembers stories from carrie and another grandaughter has fond memories of Carrie's stories of her indian home. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
    The family had moved to Militia 1544 Liberty, GA by 1900 according to the census. I could find no info there.

    Posted 5 years ago #

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